21 September 2008


Collar and Design on Sleeve.


Collar, Bawah (2 layers), Sleeve and Elbow.

The Full Works

Got the inspiration from NONA Sept 2008, as requested by the customer. But put in some ideas as well. Everything, from the front, elbow and wrists. Prettyy Grandd...without a doubt.

13 September 2008


Hello People!
Just want to inform you that I will no longer ACCEPT baju from today onwards. Actually, more like since last week. Just to ease out the confusion.
I am doing a big project now. Hint hint It's from NONA magazine september 2008 edition. Will update soon with more pictures!

11 September 2008


Tabur & Design
Tangan + Bawah
$35 This was fun. Instead of emphasising the bottom of the baju, I put more details on the plain sleeves. Lagi timbul the designs. So kira this gambar macam tebalik sikit lah. Hehe. I also put some tabur on the joint of the sleeves and the bottom of the baju.


Leher + Tangan
$35 only

06 September 2008

Swarovski Crystal

100biji - $10
200biji - $20
Inclusive Original Swarovski Crystal.

Tabur with Design

$35 only
Sleeve and Bawah Baju.
These 2 kain (top) was quite a challenge because I think the material was silk chiffon (i think). So I have to jahit extra special and extra slow. The blue markings are washable pens so its easy for me to design on extra soft fabrics. Hilang if kena air.

01 September 2008

Selamat Menyambut Fardu Ramadhan

Happy Fasting Everyone.

Orders have finally come in. Now I have around 20 orders, and around 5 bookings that I have not yet received. Its fun! Banyak orders kana suruh ikut magazine... So, to those yg sudah mengantar, please do wait. Ofcourse I will finish it by Raya.

Last year the trend was Rumbai Rumbai, but this year its all about the gem stones and bling-bling baybehh. Haha. Batu batu sana sini.

With my current orders. It is safe to say that I can finish it around 2 weeks. (So for those yg antar more than 2, you know it will take longer). I do not want to rush.

Last accepting orders would be NEXT WEEK, 7th September (this includes any bookings). After that, I will not promise you that I can finish it on time.

Thank You Very Much.

Rai. Yippe! Terawih! Sahur! Gerai! Haha.