01 September 2008

Selamat Menyambut Fardu Ramadhan

Happy Fasting Everyone.

Orders have finally come in. Now I have around 20 orders, and around 5 bookings that I have not yet received. Its fun! Banyak orders kana suruh ikut magazine... So, to those yg sudah mengantar, please do wait. Ofcourse I will finish it by Raya.

Last year the trend was Rumbai Rumbai, but this year its all about the gem stones and bling-bling baybehh. Haha. Batu batu sana sini.

With my current orders. It is safe to say that I can finish it around 2 weeks. (So for those yg antar more than 2, you know it will take longer). I do not want to rush.

Last accepting orders would be NEXT WEEK, 7th September (this includes any bookings). After that, I will not promise you that I can finish it on time.

Thank You Very Much.

Rai. Yippe! Terawih! Sahur! Gerai! Haha.

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