25 February 2009

Aren't they precious?

Assalamualaikum Everyone!

Happy National Day! I wish I was there. I miss the good ol' choir times. Its the only time of the year when being a hardcore patriotic isn't cuckoo~. Haha! Nadabah. Ofcourse sayang Brunei to pieces. Its the food that i miss the most.
Anyway, I found something online that might interest you! After asking for the owner's permission, ofcourse.
Lace & Bits started in december last year. You can get intricate lace from Indonesia IN BRUNEI! Very very beautiful. The average price is around 250 for 2 meters. so yeah...Siuk cuci mata. No harm getting some for those special days.
Incase you are wondering, these kain is only available as sample and viewing, for now. And whoever is interested in buying, the seller will order it. Just for you~
Just take a look at the laces and manik. Its awesome!!!
For more information just check the website out

The marroon one...to die for!

Enjoy the pictures. I can think of 1001 style designs with these laces... OMG!~~ Anyway, take care people.

What's coming: LONDON FASHION WEEKEND, bayybehh! Got the tickets!


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