04 February 2009

Dropping By...I miss Sewing....

Assalamualaikum Everyone...

How is everyone?

I'm doing fine. Tonnes of essay and projects to do. Not to mention my dissertation. But hey, its all worth it. 9 more months and I will be back in Brunei and I am definitely going to continue sewing beads! or shall I say 'beading' (what a strange word- beading-).

Im interested in expanding my business but hey, i need to have a business plan and everything by september. Owh well...let's see. (Thats the plan for now, Insya Allah). I don't see a reason why I should not expand. Especially, when brunei culture is full of fancy beading! Wedding Occasions, Working, Dinner etc.

I miss sewing sooo sooo much. I miss the colourful shiny beads. I miss the kedai manik where I usually go. The manik here are ugly, in fact even if there are pretty ones, they are MASSIVELY OVERPRICED. (Defeats the purpose if I buy it).

It has been ages since this blog has been updated. Im trying to make it more 'updated' soon.

Insya-Allah I will post some materials that might interest you soon. You know, how beading is on the other side of the world.

Owh! It was snowing heavily yesterday. Pwettty! Love it! Apparently, the heaviest in 18 years!

C U Soon.

Love - Rai

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