08 March 2009

LFWE Catwalk: Nude Flow

Assalamualaikum Everybody!

To some of you who are confused (blind assumption), just to let you know, usually jahitmanik.blogspot.com does have actual jahitan manik. Pictures on my beadworks of baju kurung that I have done during my summer holidays. For those who are interested in that, please check my old posts (prior to October 08).

As you know, now I am away until september 2009. So i decided to post up materials that i think is relevant to this blog and what i have done and importantly, what i think is interesting around me. Things that I come across.


On a random note: Catwalk Show.

Basically the catwalk consisted of 3 themes. And one of it, are shown below.

These dresses were from British Designers since it WAS a London Fashion Weekend (on top of my head: Yousefzada *spelling*, ISSA, Arcangel and so many more). Nude colours and metalic details are BACK baybehh!!

I know, back in Brunei, we dont really give a crap of what is on the catwalk. Colour,texture and stuff. But instead, we care about the latest silk designs in Nazmi or shimco or anywhere you get your kain...(can't live without them).

But, these pictures can act as an inspiration for this years Raya. Definitely gonna incoporate that in my baju kurung. (All I need is a good tailor~HAH!).

Picture below: Swarovski crystals baybehhh...

IDEA: Imagine nude sheer baju kurung with black lace and beads! And ice some swarovski iron on crystal. Very sexy. Very agent provocateur. (Hmm...infact...I think lingerie can be a good inspiration! No? Haha! New material for me.)
Coming up: Lingerie inspired baju kurung? You may never know...
Im off for my March deadlines... c u in april.

LFWE '09 - Beadworks

Hello my lovelies!


Some shots that I took from LFWE. There were more prettier designs but I couldnt take the pictures. Banyak kabur. Ramai orangg... Hahha

This picture below, was actually details of a sweater collar. The designs are so simple! Simpler than the usual designs for baju kurung. But, can u imagine, if it was on the collar and sleeve of baju kurung. Maybe on a plain organza or silk chiffon! Pretty~ Just make sure the colour of the beads are contrasting.

Okay the baju below is around 1000pounds. Very very very heavy. But drop dead gorgeous. I like the belt detail and skirt. Well, you definitely shouldnt do all this on one baju. Hahah! Kana fikir kan naik stage saja. Berkilauan. I will make a sketch of it soon (as in April after my assignments are due), just to make it clear.
Picture below: this is too much tho. It looks like those normal beading that you can find on jubah. Machine-made. But it might work on the collar of a short kebaya. You know, For a change, rather than focuses on the front openings mcm biasa.

I know you dont actually want stars on you baju kurung. Hahah! Except for kids (that would be super adorable). The reason why i posted this picture was because at first I thought it was glitter! It was closely arranged. Mcm those super close tabur 1 inci on baju kurung. But its not. Haha. Good stuff.

07 March 2009


Asalamualaikum Everyone!

The catwalk picture will be up soon. Just need to edit it a bit.

Anyway, before lupa. While browsing thru the designer booths in the jewellery section in LFWE, I came across the best handmade jewellery ever!!

An INTRICATE BEADING jewellery. It was beautiful. Simply stunning and elegant. Here are some of the picture I found online. I couldnt take pictures during the fashion weekend, prohibited tia jua. :(. But it was extremely breathtaking.

She will only make the jewellery MADE TO ORDER and it takes 3 weeks to make it. Infact she does offer wholesale (will there be amarket in Brunei). As you can see below, she uses the similar beads that we use for highlights on baju kurung (manik yg super-small). Very creative. Some how it reminds me of cross stitch.

I'm definitely gonna try to do this. I mean, this can add a 3D effect (affect?) for flower designs on baju kurung or something. That should be gorgeous.

If only I know how to describe it better. Infact, One of her jewellery is available in Victoria and Albert Museum Shop! for 395pounds. Fancy~
More about her and her jewelleries, www.clarafrancis.co.uk

Love, Rai.

06 March 2009

London Fashion Weekend '09

Just got back from London Fashion Weekend!
London Fashion Weekend is an event to celebrate THE LONDON FASHION WEEK (which was 2 weeks ago). London fashion week was attended by celebrities and established designers (including BERNARD CHANDRAN. love him.).
It was the best time ever. After 4 years in UK, barutah sampai!

Briefly explain, it is located in a huge white marquee on the lawn of the Natural History Museum in London. It is a bi-annual event one for the Spring/Summer collection and another one for the Autum/Winter Collection. Now it is for Spring/ Summer '09.

The catwalk & goodie bag was amazing! Free Elizabeth Arden Bronzer and lipgloss, Toni & Guy hair products.
Basically, LFWE consist of stuff from established designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Mathew Williamson, Luella, Lulu Guinness, Juicy Couture, Michael Kors, Billy Bag Lotus London...and much much more. As well as, aspiring designers e.g. Papa Razzi Clutch (worn by Rihanna. I love it!), Clara Francis (google her! look at her jewellery!)
And the great thing is...ALL WERE ON HUGE DISCOUNTS! eg. Luella Alice bag - from 495 it becomes 99, Michael Kors for 20 pounds (all size 5), Dresses from 1000 becomes 199 theres so much more...

Coming: London Fashion Week Catwalk Show. Inspiration for Raya baju??? You gonna love it. Also, some fancy bead designs.
Hugs, Rai.