07 March 2009


Asalamualaikum Everyone!

The catwalk picture will be up soon. Just need to edit it a bit.

Anyway, before lupa. While browsing thru the designer booths in the jewellery section in LFWE, I came across the best handmade jewellery ever!!

An INTRICATE BEADING jewellery. It was beautiful. Simply stunning and elegant. Here are some of the picture I found online. I couldnt take pictures during the fashion weekend, prohibited tia jua. :(. But it was extremely breathtaking.

She will only make the jewellery MADE TO ORDER and it takes 3 weeks to make it. Infact she does offer wholesale (will there be amarket in Brunei). As you can see below, she uses the similar beads that we use for highlights on baju kurung (manik yg super-small). Very creative. Some how it reminds me of cross stitch.

I'm definitely gonna try to do this. I mean, this can add a 3D effect (affect?) for flower designs on baju kurung or something. That should be gorgeous.

If only I know how to describe it better. Infact, One of her jewellery is available in Victoria and Albert Museum Shop! for 395pounds. Fancy~
More about her and her jewelleries, www.clarafrancis.co.uk

Love, Rai.

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