08 March 2009

LFWE '09 - Beadworks

Hello my lovelies!


Some shots that I took from LFWE. There were more prettier designs but I couldnt take the pictures. Banyak kabur. Ramai orangg... Hahha

This picture below, was actually details of a sweater collar. The designs are so simple! Simpler than the usual designs for baju kurung. But, can u imagine, if it was on the collar and sleeve of baju kurung. Maybe on a plain organza or silk chiffon! Pretty~ Just make sure the colour of the beads are contrasting.

Okay the baju below is around 1000pounds. Very very very heavy. But drop dead gorgeous. I like the belt detail and skirt. Well, you definitely shouldnt do all this on one baju. Hahah! Kana fikir kan naik stage saja. Berkilauan. I will make a sketch of it soon (as in April after my assignments are due), just to make it clear.
Picture below: this is too much tho. It looks like those normal beading that you can find on jubah. Machine-made. But it might work on the collar of a short kebaya. You know, For a change, rather than focuses on the front openings mcm biasa.

I know you dont actually want stars on you baju kurung. Hahah! Except for kids (that would be super adorable). The reason why i posted this picture was because at first I thought it was glitter! It was closely arranged. Mcm those super close tabur 1 inci on baju kurung. But its not. Haha. Good stuff.

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