08 March 2009

LFWE Catwalk: Nude Flow

Assalamualaikum Everybody!

To some of you who are confused (blind assumption), just to let you know, usually jahitmanik.blogspot.com does have actual jahitan manik. Pictures on my beadworks of baju kurung that I have done during my summer holidays. For those who are interested in that, please check my old posts (prior to October 08).

As you know, now I am away until september 2009. So i decided to post up materials that i think is relevant to this blog and what i have done and importantly, what i think is interesting around me. Things that I come across.


On a random note: Catwalk Show.

Basically the catwalk consisted of 3 themes. And one of it, are shown below.

These dresses were from British Designers since it WAS a London Fashion Weekend (on top of my head: Yousefzada *spelling*, ISSA, Arcangel and so many more). Nude colours and metalic details are BACK baybehh!!

I know, back in Brunei, we dont really give a crap of what is on the catwalk. Colour,texture and stuff. But instead, we care about the latest silk designs in Nazmi or shimco or anywhere you get your kain...(can't live without them).

But, these pictures can act as an inspiration for this years Raya. Definitely gonna incoporate that in my baju kurung. (All I need is a good tailor~HAH!).

Picture below: Swarovski crystals baybehhh...

IDEA: Imagine nude sheer baju kurung with black lace and beads! And ice some swarovski iron on crystal. Very sexy. Very agent provocateur. (Hmm...infact...I think lingerie can be a good inspiration! No? Haha! New material for me.)
Coming up: Lingerie inspired baju kurung? You may never know...
Im off for my March deadlines... c u in april.

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