06 March 2009

London Fashion Weekend '09

Just got back from London Fashion Weekend!
London Fashion Weekend is an event to celebrate THE LONDON FASHION WEEK (which was 2 weeks ago). London fashion week was attended by celebrities and established designers (including BERNARD CHANDRAN. love him.).
It was the best time ever. After 4 years in UK, barutah sampai!

Briefly explain, it is located in a huge white marquee on the lawn of the Natural History Museum in London. It is a bi-annual event one for the Spring/Summer collection and another one for the Autum/Winter Collection. Now it is for Spring/ Summer '09.

The catwalk & goodie bag was amazing! Free Elizabeth Arden Bronzer and lipgloss, Toni & Guy hair products.
Basically, LFWE consist of stuff from established designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Mathew Williamson, Luella, Lulu Guinness, Juicy Couture, Michael Kors, Billy Bag Lotus London...and much much more. As well as, aspiring designers e.g. Papa Razzi Clutch (worn by Rihanna. I love it!), Clara Francis (google her! look at her jewellery!)
And the great thing is...ALL WERE ON HUGE DISCOUNTS! eg. Luella Alice bag - from 495 it becomes 99, Michael Kors for 20 pounds (all size 5), Dresses from 1000 becomes 199 theres so much more...

Coming: London Fashion Week Catwalk Show. Inspiration for Raya baju??? You gonna love it. Also, some fancy bead designs.
Hugs, Rai.

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