09 April 2009

I am in!

I am enrolled for the summer short course in London College of Fashion! Woot woot! London College of Fashion is one of the leading centres of fashion education in the world, and the only college in UK to specialise in fashion education. Since this will be my last year in UK, I might as well just take the chance. I'll be taking dressmaking class with professional fit. I am super excited and very grateful for it. It'll start in July!

Maybe now I can make dressmaking as well as beading?? who knows?? start from home and who knows... I wont be making baju kurung cos i know there are tonnes of superb tailor in brunei! Casual dress would be cool. What do u think?

London College of Fashion offers consultancy, degree, diploma, masters and everything from photography, catwalk, fashion design, makeups and dressmaking. the full works. If only i have the time~ and money...

Off for easter break! Lets hope I can fine some cool bead designs. I'm loving Karen Millen tho... bunga and beadingnya lawaaa...



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