29 May 2009

Bye bye lacroix

It has been hard to find materials to post since my exam has finished. However, while reading vogue just now, it was unfortunate that Christian Lacroix (who is famous for his whimsical wedding dresses) has filed for bankruptcy yesterday. So I googled about it more. Apparently, throughout out its history, the couture line has never made any profit! Believe it or not. Who said the fashion industry is profitable. Expensive maybe, but profitable not a guarantee.

Picture above: Christian Lacroix Spring Summer 2009. Look at the fancy beadwork! Isn't the colour scheme similar to Dior's one in my previous post? White top, pink skirt.

Anyway, Christian Lacroix is famous for his 1980's pouf dress and bright colours! Christina Aguilera wore him for her wedding. I love his patterns! His abstracts! And i am not surprised after resigning, he became the creative director for emilio pucci. Pucci is the king of all abstracts! (more of pucci in next post.)

Picture above: Xtina in Lacroix wedding dress.

recession recession recession. Its affecting everything. Even my 20 000 word dissertation (due in 3 months) will also be on the current global economic downturn. *sigh*


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