15 May 2009

Chiffon and Beads

This is a caftan (kaftan?) from the DIOR Cruise Ready To Wear line. I love any cruise line! its so colourful and bright! Well, except for the Louis Vuitton Cruise 2009 handbags... eeeshh whats up with that.

Anyway...Remember in my previous post and said how beads look better on plain kain? This is a perfect example! (Well duh, its dior.) But, the good thing is you can make this to a baju kurung. I mean, imagine baju kurung with green chiffon (in dior's case, a silk chiffon) and buat manik on the collar saja (for those wearing tudung maybe the design should be bigger (so it wont be covered). Blue beads on Green! Gorgeous! (from previous post, this would be similar to colour combination no 3 -Using colour that are in a colour scheme). I emphasised the collar saja because if you leave the sleeve and the bottom of baju kurung 'beads-free' (heh, beads free... cant believe i said that) , you will appear sleek and taller. mcm nothing that cuts you horizontally - this works especially on soft fabrics like chiffon! pretty~. Now i want silk chiffon too...

TIP: It is better if you do not interline (lining) your baju, but instead you wear a tighter dress inside. Atleast the chiffon will flow better. I mean, sayang jua tu chiffon, its transparent and soft, indakan melakat ke badan :P . if you want a plain kain and malas with the lining (cos ususally at the tailor it will cos twice) and such, you can opt for satin silk or something.

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