09 May 2009

Choosing The Right Colour

Bead beads beads

Beads have different shapes and sizes. I dont really follow any particular rules when choosing my beads. Its all about choosing the right beads for the right design. I mean, for embroidery you want something shiny, so shiny kain you want something matt etc... it varies just follow your taste (in my case usually the customer's taste).
Anyway, colour combination can transform a blah dress to va va voom! Hahha. This is the reason why i love beading. Any boring dress will look amazing (given the right amount - don't want it to look tacky and cheap!).
These are my favourite colour combination. Taken from Vera Wang's colour combination for flower arrangements, there a 3 recommended colour combinations which i totally agree, which indirectly have been applied on my bead designs! Well, it is sorta obvious~

1. Monochromatic Scheme(different shade of the same colour)

2. Complementary Colors Scheme (a contrast between warm and cool hues)

3. Using colour that are in a colour scheme (either ALL warm colours or cool colours). MY FAVOURITE COLOUR COMBINATION EVER!!! Eg. make say ...a leaf with silver, light green and dark green beads it will look 3 dimensional! Amazing. Hope that helps!

Hope you guys get it.

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