07 May 2009


Raya is just around the corner people!

Here I am stuck in UK (ok fine I enjoy it, its my last year!). In search of kain raya, going online searching for cool kain (ebay is torture but some of the kain are pretty impressive), browse John Lewis and random indian fabric stores on Edgware Road, I go there often actually (speaking of which , a must see! - jason fabrics.com - 400labih pound per meter yooo! and they have PUCCI! love the patterns!) and sunday markets! Their fabrics are cheap cheap cheap! I guess this is better than nothing (replacing Athirah, shimco, serusop or 1st metro) *sigh*.
Speaking of 1st metro, I love! love! love! their jacquard silk, always pretty, and colourful! Which reminds me! Agesss ago, when i was there, i heard a mum saying to her daughter "Bah sudah membali?, baiktah kau membali di sini, mun tampat lain, orang brunei terdapat!" AHAHAHA! Eh hello, 1st metro atu di brunei jua. HAHAHA Adakah. seriously, our people. We crack ourselves up. Banartah. Do u think this is true now?

ANYHOOSS, Nowadays im into plain coloured kain or monochrome ones. I just think these fabrics bring justice to the bead designs as u can see it better and at the same time not OTT. Since summer is coming, there are tonnes of tunics and kaftan around in the high street, and they are so colourful and gorgeous! Especially Tunics! Dont u think they look like the top of baju kurung? Ill post more of that next!

SO as I was saying, here are some of the bead designs on plain or monochrome (am i using that word right? huh..) fabrics that i have found online!

Doesn't the beads look better on plain fabric?? Lawa! (Tips on How to choose the right colour beads! - next post. Insya Allah.)

Monsoon UK

By Zuhair Murad in his Diamonds are Forever line last year. Ok, maybe this is too much. I mean, Hello~ this is taken from his Couture line. so, take it down a notch, make it pastel coloured thai silk and give fewer icing. or else, MAJOR BLING BLING YO! (note to self: cut down my YOOO -getting on my nerve). But, I have always love wearing bolero (the short jacket) instead of sleeves for baju kurung, make it less boring. Also, you can wear it with your favourite tube or spag strap without covering the cutting. However getting a consistent tailor in Brunei is almost impossible. Skajap lawa ya. Skajap like whaaa~? How did this happen?


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