15 May 2009

How to make your waist look smaller

I think every woman should know this trick. This might be applicable to baju kurung fesyen (the tighter, contoured to your body type of baju kurung). By having darker shade on the side of your body, it can really make your waist appear smaller. Just take a look at the picture! Pretty!!

This really depends on the pattern of your kain (you know how some kain have different shades and patterns). Altho, i am still wondering which fabric to use. Karen Millen (the green dress on top) have used their 'signature stretch satin' for the dress and i dont really know where you can get stretch satin (maybe thats why it is 'signature'! And the sewing pattern will be hard. Imagine explaining this to your tailor. Haha.
Anyway, just want to share this with you. Who knows you can get the right fabric with the right pattern with the right shade for your baju kurung. Just remember darker shade on the sides~. Victoria Beckham wore the Alexander McQueen Dress (left) and her waist sure look darn small with it.


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