29 May 2009

Who's the best? Part I

Some of you have asked me who my favourite tailor is. This is a very difficult question. Infact I will post it in different parts. I dont even know where to start.

Before anything, like all of us, we are fussy laydehh. We want our baju kurung to be perfect always! all the time!. Not only that, Baju kurung is a big thing in Brunei. You wear it for raya, you wear it for work, wear it for weddings, formal occasions, thursday night tahlils well basically everything... And for these reasons, which is why you can see tailor in every corner of every kampung in Brunei.

However, choosing the right one is hard. For me, this is usually the case, the first time antar...LAWA ya. skali the next time antar to make 3 baju, BIDA ya! There's no consistency. Especially a few months before raya! OH MA GAD. Which is why ALWAYS antar your baju atleast 3 months before raya. (BESIDES: If you antar ahir, and bali kain ahir, u tend to wear to have the same kain as others.) Unless, u have a personal tailor living with you in your house. Hahaha.

Other than their consistency, it all depends on our body shapes. For lean girls, whose hip is the same as her bust(owhh so lucky), you might not have this problem. Us bootylicious girls (my butt is 12 inch bigger than my waist.- soo yes--bootayy), if baju kurung is not done correctly, baju kurung will look like a maternity wear! *shriek* and if darts (tuck?) are done incorrectly, itll make us look twice our size! SO its the cutting cutting cutting and contour!.

Third, he/she listens to you. Owhhh thats the hardest, when you are in a young age, you want baju yg fashion forward, with gathers here and there, belt, assymetrical collar and skirt mcm mermaid tia, princess skirt tia, corset tia. I remember this tailor, she is perfect if you want to make baju biasa, but that time i ask her to do this and that.. "no i cannot do", "like that inda lawa bah mum" "better do this"...Like helloooo, I saw it on a magazine, just be creative and DO IT!

This might be obvious for baju kurung with embroidery (katok) or the sheer fabric (eg french lace). Certain tailor, just dont have a cluee how to do an embroidery, they use matt threads and do not colour inside the line! haha. lawa lagi a kindergarten colouring! or sheer fabrics - the most important thing in the world are the seams!! Seams for transparent fabric has to be transparent. NO THREADS! Hmm..how should i explain it...ok kalau kain yg transparent, you're not suppose to show the threads thats joining the baju, there this special method to make the seam so all u see is a narrow fold instead of edging yg nampak banang and surprisingly, most tailor has noooo clue what it is all about.

Ahhhhh... this is THE main determinant. The more you are willing to pay, the less the problems i mentioned above (CONSISTENCY, QUALITY, CUTTING, CREATIVITY) will occur. However, the question is, how willing are you? What is the trade off between price and these problems? Which will you sacrifice? Money? or Style? -damn- There are a lot of people who are willing to pay $300plus or more for a baju kurung while a lot too who are only willing to pay for $12 for a baju raya.

SO I can't just make a comparison between different tailor, its not fair. it all depends on your preference, this is why, asking who's the best tailor is just a hard question to answer.

To be continued...

Part II: Maybe? Where is a good tailor in Brunei?


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