29 June 2009

Kirana Creations

To some of you who are wondering who Kirana is...

  1. In 2004, she was awarded "Tun Dr Siti Hasmah WIM Woman of the Year"
  2. Her work (among others) was showcased in Harrods, Knightsbridge in March 2009 (I didnt get to see it!) and a fashion show which was attended by Harrods's owner, Mohamed Al-Fayed and Mayor of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Councillor, Joanna Gardner and ofcourse, the Raja Permaisuri Agong, Tuanku Nur Zahirah for the "Malaysian Craft At Its Best" exhibition.
  3. She made Linda Jasmine's solemnisation dress (picture below) or 'Baju Nikah' with Que Haidar early this year.
Linda Jasmine in Datin Sharifah Kirana's creation. (Datin Sharifah Kirana is the lady in black)

Some might have no clue who she is, so who is Linda Jasmine? - other than famous for being hot *lol*, she is the choreographer for Akademi Fantasia. What is Akademi Fantasia? The fusion of Big Brother and American Idol in Malaysia. hehe.

Kirana designs baju raya too. Woah, getting the chance to have a celebrity designer for your raya is pretty damn cool and fancy. That would be gorgeous~

For last year, these were the following package:
Pakej 1: 2 pasang Baju Kurung /Kurung Moden/ Kebaya - RM2800
Pakej 2: 3 pasang Baju Kurung/ Kurung Moden/ Kebaya - RM3800

To those who are interested please visit her website


Beading Class with Kirana

Hello My Lovelies
I'm very happy! Great news!

Ok let me start. Last week, I came across one of the Malaysian's Fashion Designer websites. Datin Sharifah Kirana! I loooooooooove Kirana creations. I remember ages ago (5 years ago?) staring (from the window of her boutique) at her

kebaya nyonya in KL with some hardcore beadwork. A beautiful combination of sequins and beads. Gorgeouss.

Anyway, after contacting her last week (it was a long shot -with Kirana herself - at that time, i was just trying my luck) I received an email from her! *hyperventilating* and getting the green light. I want to share this with you.

She is offering BEADS AND SEQUIN SEWING CLASS! by the designer herself.

"Regarding this class. It costs RM$200, which i think is a bargain since you will learn different techniques to sew high quality beads from China, Japan( <--the one we usually use) and Korea. This class will teach you from basic until advance level all in ONE DAY! So, it should be condense and worthwhile! It starts from 10 am until 6pm.

Not only that, you will also get free needle, thread, fabrics, beads, sequins, mini scissors, beadwork designs and a participation certificate! All you need to do is TURN UP! And those in Brunei, to fly to KL. lol."

Pictures are taken from Smug Mug for the Malaysia International Fashion Week 2008.

For more information please contact her at kirana.creations@gmail.com or her website here

More about her in the next post.


The AN Store - Beads!!!

~More things to share with you~

A few days ago, I came across this website that sells unique beads, gemstones and crystal! And unlike the usual online beads shops, it is suitable for baju kurung. Just in time for your Raya Baju!! And yes, it is based in Brunei. so *yay!* Also, the good news is, it's reasonably priced!

I remember buying it in Bangkok early last year for my mum's baju kurung, it cost around the same price too. So u can save the expense of flying all the way to Bangkok. hehe.

Here are some of the beads they are selling, pictures taken from their website with permission. :) Thank You very much Nisaa.

I love these (turquoise blue) square ones! Imagine if it was for manik tabur on the collar with blue iron-on swarovski crystal *shriek*. On a green chiffon like Dior. (this one) Uuuuuu~

The prices start from B$8 (after discount! so hurry up) per strand and these beads would be heavier than the usual beads. So I would advice to use it sparsely on tabur2 or dangling things for the kids. u don't really want to over do it (especially the bright coloured ones). U dont want your baju kurung to be stiff and too delicate.
From my experience, if used as part of the tabur2 on collar and sleeves, 1 strand would be more than enough. Although this is really up to you.
For more information, just check out this website,
TIPS: For colour, with this type of beads, NEVER choose the exact same colour to your kain. Since these type of beads are not as shiny as the usual japanese beads, the right colour is the key. Be daring. Use something contrasting that simultaneously compliment the colour of your kain. For choosing the right colour, please refer to my previous post.
I guess thats it for now.

Dull and Dark

Hi guys!

Things have been slow with work. SO I decided to post up stuff instead. It has been quite hard to find nice beadworks nowadays. With the autumn winter collections. All are dull and dark! No sparkly beads. SO let see what i can find.



24 June 2009

Handbag Anyone?

Hi everyone. Hope everyone is doing fine.

While browsing for inspiration, I came across this gorgeous evening bag. A beautiful colourful parrot! I just have to share it with you. Siapa jua inda fall in love at first sight. The Colour. The shine! who needs pretty baju kurung when u have this as your handbag. Even perfect for dinner, all u need is a black dress. Anyhoots, This is a Judith Leiber. The same designer that made the Sex and The city cupcake handbag. It will set you back around US$5000. But nah, who cares~ Look at that beauty~ I have a feeling if i have it (IF being the operative word), it'll end up with my mum's gems stones collection in the living room. Haha.

Another reason to dream BIG girls, Judith Leiber!
PS: Can u imagine if baju kurung had that much of crystal?! Woahh. That.would.be.heavy.

23 June 2009

ONE MONTH to go!

Asalamualaikum Everyone.

SOON! SOON! SOON! Time fly so fast!

I can't wait to learn and make beautiful dresses~ I haven't bought any of the essentials yet. Need to get fabrics (I havent decide! maybe duchess satin or double georgette for my dress), thimble, notebook, 2 to 3 coloured threads, fabric scissors and sewing patterns. I'm gonna get it early next month. i think.

PS: Life is hectic right now. Dissertation wise: I'm aiming to finish 8 000 words by end of June which is in 7 days? aaaaaaaaa.

16 June 2009

No Strings Attached?

Before I say anything, this is worth B$1000 ish and by Fendi for the latest season. I knoww rightt...who knew strings of crystal yg tekuluk (tangled) can cost so much. lol. It's as if the designer just have no idea what to do with some extra strings and go mental and just mixed up everything! But ofcourse, they don't do that...
HOWEVER, despite that, there are people who want to have some rock influence (god...what am i saying) on their baju kurung for this raya. like to have those i dont give a crap type of style, but i do hve a style style. get it? get it? so maybe FENDI can give u an idea. No?
Althooo...I like the dangly bit, lawa tu for collar yg ada floral embroidery with the dangly bit under it. Tips: Choose good quality and thin and lawa (preferably Swarovski Crystals strings) so it'll last long, wont fade and just don't look cheap.

09 June 2009

Premiere Vision Paris

Ever wondered how fashion designers know what's the next (season) fabric designs will be?

example : how come spring 09 trend was nude shade? and why ALMOST EVERY DESIGNER did have nude designs? Why not blue? or green? WHy despite their price tag, some designers have similar colour scheme?

Or when animal prints was in, how come almost every designers from different part of the globe still produce...animal print? get my drift? why? Why? WHY?

???HOW DO THEY KNOW??? (<-- annoying jua ah)

The answer is...

PREMIERE VISION PARIS! (fine, not ALL designer...I think. If not, itll just be bloody predictable)

This is, quote from the website " the world's rendez-vous for all fashion and textile professionnals, brings together twice a year more than 50.000 trade visitors coming from some 110 countries".

Can u imagine! Where all the big names buy their fabric to make those hundred of million dollars dress! Owhh my godd...I wish i can be there this september. (hah! Ill be in Dubai by then. Insya Allah. Then back home! kan beraya ku...) Anyway, this event is a biennial event. Just like fashion week. Premier Vision Paris is THE fashion trendsetter. Why wait for kadai kain to 'datang stock baru' when this event forecast trends in 2010(ref: their website)! Talk about being fashion forward.

Altho, theres a catch, public are not allowed but fashion schools can :D so people, enrol yourself!

Picture above: "woollens for outerwear, men's and women's suitings, linings, polo-style knits and fabrics for city shirtings in colour-wovens and plains. With its own special menswear focus." Kewl right~ who needs Hugo Boss shirt when u can buy the fabric itself and jahit the way u want it! Kidding! Haha!

Picture above: "area dedicated to creations for the sports, technical and performance universe. Take a closer look at technological innovations, both woven and knit, intended for extreme sports, lingerie and everyday clothing. Including a focus on menswear, and on initiatives respecting environmental and human elements illustrated using samples provided by Première Vision and Expofil exhibitors." <-- The next La Perla Brunei? HAHA. Kidding. But hey people, that is perfectly possible, u know the right fit for asian people with silk lace. No?

Now it makes me wonder, maybe this is the place where kadai kain in brunei buy their kain jua. Cos from the website, they do sell jacquard silk. Or they have an intermediate seller lagi? Hmm...? What do u think?

I will be away for a while. Gonna finish up my intro and literature review. Off to sleep. Apologies for the ramblings :).

Note: The description and pictures courtesy from the official website of premiere vision.

Ribbon and Fold

Very Irrelevant but...This is the shoes that I mentioned in my previous post. Doesn't it look the same.

Anemone by One of my favourite shoe designer. Xtian Louboutin (loo-boo-tang).

Sometimes I wish I'm a shoe designer~ ahhh...


Simple and Nice

Assalamualaikum Everyone.
Some people love it nice and simple. No manik needed. WHy don't you add some style to a plain baju with creative fold here and there (make sure it still accentuates your bodeyy~) like what Christian Dior Couture did? Tips: It should only work on thicker kain like Thai Silk (with a bit of gloss). The disadvantage: 4 metres of kain will not be enough.

Above: The type of fold im talking about by Christian Dior Couture. It adds texture, simple style with a beautiful plain fabric. Tho don't over do it like this... Just as an inspiration. Unless its for a dinner or party. But then, it'll just be a dress. :)

I think there's a shoe that looks something like this.