29 June 2009

Beading Class with Kirana

Hello My Lovelies
I'm very happy! Great news!

Ok let me start. Last week, I came across one of the Malaysian's Fashion Designer websites. Datin Sharifah Kirana! I loooooooooove Kirana creations. I remember ages ago (5 years ago?) staring (from the window of her boutique) at her

kebaya nyonya in KL with some hardcore beadwork. A beautiful combination of sequins and beads. Gorgeouss.

Anyway, after contacting her last week (it was a long shot -with Kirana herself - at that time, i was just trying my luck) I received an email from her! *hyperventilating* and getting the green light. I want to share this with you.

She is offering BEADS AND SEQUIN SEWING CLASS! by the designer herself.

"Regarding this class. It costs RM$200, which i think is a bargain since you will learn different techniques to sew high quality beads from China, Japan( <--the one we usually use) and Korea. This class will teach you from basic until advance level all in ONE DAY! So, it should be condense and worthwhile! It starts from 10 am until 6pm.

Not only that, you will also get free needle, thread, fabrics, beads, sequins, mini scissors, beadwork designs and a participation certificate! All you need to do is TURN UP! And those in Brunei, to fly to KL. lol."

Pictures are taken from Smug Mug for the Malaysia International Fashion Week 2008.

For more information please contact her at kirana.creations@gmail.com or her website here

More about her in the next post.


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