24 June 2009

Handbag Anyone?

Hi everyone. Hope everyone is doing fine.

While browsing for inspiration, I came across this gorgeous evening bag. A beautiful colourful parrot! I just have to share it with you. Siapa jua inda fall in love at first sight. The Colour. The shine! who needs pretty baju kurung when u have this as your handbag. Even perfect for dinner, all u need is a black dress. Anyhoots, This is a Judith Leiber. The same designer that made the Sex and The city cupcake handbag. It will set you back around US$5000. But nah, who cares~ Look at that beauty~ I have a feeling if i have it (IF being the operative word), it'll end up with my mum's gems stones collection in the living room. Haha.

Another reason to dream BIG girls, Judith Leiber!
PS: Can u imagine if baju kurung had that much of crystal?! Woahh. That.would.be.heavy.

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