16 June 2009

No Strings Attached?

Before I say anything, this is worth B$1000 ish and by Fendi for the latest season. I knoww rightt...who knew strings of crystal yg tekuluk (tangled) can cost so much. lol. It's as if the designer just have no idea what to do with some extra strings and go mental and just mixed up everything! But ofcourse, they don't do that...
HOWEVER, despite that, there are people who want to have some rock influence (god...what am i saying) on their baju kurung for this raya. like to have those i dont give a crap type of style, but i do hve a style style. get it? get it? so maybe FENDI can give u an idea. No?
Althooo...I like the dangly bit, lawa tu for collar yg ada floral embroidery with the dangly bit under it. Tips: Choose good quality and thin and lawa (preferably Swarovski Crystals strings) so it'll last long, wont fade and just don't look cheap.

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