09 June 2009

Premiere Vision Paris

Ever wondered how fashion designers know what's the next (season) fabric designs will be?

example : how come spring 09 trend was nude shade? and why ALMOST EVERY DESIGNER did have nude designs? Why not blue? or green? WHy despite their price tag, some designers have similar colour scheme?

Or when animal prints was in, how come almost every designers from different part of the globe still produce...animal print? get my drift? why? Why? WHY?

???HOW DO THEY KNOW??? (<-- annoying jua ah)

The answer is...

PREMIERE VISION PARIS! (fine, not ALL designer...I think. If not, itll just be bloody predictable)

This is, quote from the website " the world's rendez-vous for all fashion and textile professionnals, brings together twice a year more than 50.000 trade visitors coming from some 110 countries".

Can u imagine! Where all the big names buy their fabric to make those hundred of million dollars dress! Owhh my godd...I wish i can be there this september. (hah! Ill be in Dubai by then. Insya Allah. Then back home! kan beraya ku...) Anyway, this event is a biennial event. Just like fashion week. Premier Vision Paris is THE fashion trendsetter. Why wait for kadai kain to 'datang stock baru' when this event forecast trends in 2010(ref: their website)! Talk about being fashion forward.

Altho, theres a catch, public are not allowed but fashion schools can :D so people, enrol yourself!

Picture above: "woollens for outerwear, men's and women's suitings, linings, polo-style knits and fabrics for city shirtings in colour-wovens and plains. With its own special menswear focus." Kewl right~ who needs Hugo Boss shirt when u can buy the fabric itself and jahit the way u want it! Kidding! Haha!

Picture above: "area dedicated to creations for the sports, technical and performance universe. Take a closer look at technological innovations, both woven and knit, intended for extreme sports, lingerie and everyday clothing. Including a focus on menswear, and on initiatives respecting environmental and human elements illustrated using samples provided by Première Vision and Expofil exhibitors." <-- The next La Perla Brunei? HAHA. Kidding. But hey people, that is perfectly possible, u know the right fit for asian people with silk lace. No?

Now it makes me wonder, maybe this is the place where kadai kain in brunei buy their kain jua. Cos from the website, they do sell jacquard silk. Or they have an intermediate seller lagi? Hmm...? What do u think?

I will be away for a while. Gonna finish up my intro and literature review. Off to sleep. Apologies for the ramblings :).

Note: The description and pictures courtesy from the official website of premiere vision.

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