09 June 2009

Simple and Nice

Assalamualaikum Everyone.
Some people love it nice and simple. No manik needed. WHy don't you add some style to a plain baju with creative fold here and there (make sure it still accentuates your bodeyy~) like what Christian Dior Couture did? Tips: It should only work on thicker kain like Thai Silk (with a bit of gloss). The disadvantage: 4 metres of kain will not be enough.

Above: The type of fold im talking about by Christian Dior Couture. It adds texture, simple style with a beautiful plain fabric. Tho don't over do it like this... Just as an inspiration. Unless its for a dinner or party. But then, it'll just be a dress. :)

I think there's a shoe that looks something like this.


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