29 June 2009

The AN Store - Beads!!!

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A few days ago, I came across this website that sells unique beads, gemstones and crystal! And unlike the usual online beads shops, it is suitable for baju kurung. Just in time for your Raya Baju!! And yes, it is based in Brunei. so *yay!* Also, the good news is, it's reasonably priced!

I remember buying it in Bangkok early last year for my mum's baju kurung, it cost around the same price too. So u can save the expense of flying all the way to Bangkok. hehe.

Here are some of the beads they are selling, pictures taken from their website with permission. :) Thank You very much Nisaa.

I love these (turquoise blue) square ones! Imagine if it was for manik tabur on the collar with blue iron-on swarovski crystal *shriek*. On a green chiffon like Dior. (this one) Uuuuuu~

The prices start from B$8 (after discount! so hurry up) per strand and these beads would be heavier than the usual beads. So I would advice to use it sparsely on tabur2 or dangling things for the kids. u don't really want to over do it (especially the bright coloured ones). U dont want your baju kurung to be stiff and too delicate.
From my experience, if used as part of the tabur2 on collar and sleeves, 1 strand would be more than enough. Although this is really up to you.
For more information, just check out this website,
TIPS: For colour, with this type of beads, NEVER choose the exact same colour to your kain. Since these type of beads are not as shiny as the usual japanese beads, the right colour is the key. Be daring. Use something contrasting that simultaneously compliment the colour of your kain. For choosing the right colour, please refer to my previous post.
I guess thats it for now.

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