31 July 2009

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Assalamualaikum. How are you today? Im alright. Heading off to uni later. haha. awu inda pandai abis. uni uni uni. during summer lagi tu. ish.

Okay, Hari Raya is coming! Well, for the last four years i would have been busy sewing beads. Life wouldve been hectic. I miss it so so much. This year I can't do it! I will be back for good, Insya Allah, by mid september only, a few days before Raya.

Anyhoots, a few weeks back, after browsing through beading website, I saw this! I t is called Butterfly Beads. It is based in Malaysia. But I fell in love with her beadworks. Especially how she played around with the sequins. It is very different and unique! Love it. She mixed different shape and sizes in an outfit and made it perfectly. To those who are interested, please do email her at balqiz_82@yahoo.com. I am not sure if she's still accepting for Raya. Do give it a try.

With permission, here are my favs!

Picture Above: This pink one is awesome!

Toldya the sequins (labuci) designs are cool.

Hugs. Thank You Zai for letting me post this.


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