12 July 2009


Assalamualaikum everyone.

I love it. Love it. First it was Matthew Williamson. Now its Azzaro. *shriek* All her (referring to Vanessa the designer for Azzaro) dresses looks so amazingg. Perfect example is this black mini dress. ANd its longsleeve so u can actually vision it as a baju kurung.

Who knew simple arrangements of the crystals (picture below) can make a baju look so expensive (well this baju is B$6000+, it is expensive but thats not my point...) Rephrase: If it was for raya baju that is inspired by this dress. The focal point is on your thigh. Very creative . Although if it was me I would make it into a shorter baju kurung pendek and let it 'hang' on my hip. Gorgeous.

I love Azzaro because their dresses are so creative. Different then the generic beadworks on collars, sleeves etc. I remember looking at one of their ribbon nude dress, let me check. It is FAB.

let me see~ Here it is! Nude dress! lovely. You can't really see the huge ribbon at the bottom of the dress. But it is so unique and creative. Maybe something to think about for your raya maybe?

Tips: If u have a boring plain baju raya (make sure its fitted) and bored of it. Make a giant ribbon at the bottom. Just like Azzaro. HOWEVER! If you gonna make the giant ribbon, PLS STICK TO THE EXACT SAME KAIN AS YOUR BAJU KURUNG. If not, it'll just be tacky and fashion victim-ie usulnya. haha. Or in another perspective, BOLD. way too bold.

PS: In the nude dress picture, she's wearing Jimmy Choo~. *adores*


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