22 July 2009

London College of Fashion (LCF)Intensive Course

Hi guys!

My course takes place in Curtain Road, one of LCF's campus (es?). It's such a retro place banyak grafitti and colourful posters. The first time I went there, was on a weekend. Dodgeyyy~ Barijap berabis. Like ghost town. (i was like...what the hell~ this is what i get for a 400pounds course, in this location?)

But somehow, during the weekdays, it is TOTALLY the opposite. There were soooo many people. A lot of red buses. People in well- tailored suits everywhere. Owh yeah this is also because curtain road is located 3 minutes by bus from liverpool street, near the bank area, you can even see the gherkin building (building talur - the earlier scene in Harry Potter 6 movie). Anyway, My LCF course has started yesterday. It is amazing. I learn so much. Theres so many things to explain! I dont even know where to start. So i will try and do a once a day diary of what i did and what i have learned.

Altho it has been 2 days, I know so much it feels like I can do any baju I see. U just know how everything works! with professional tips! Owh our teacher is so fascinating, he has experience from high street designer and he used to work for one of the luxury department store in UK sewing class.

OK i wont spoil it. Ill tell you all about it in my next post.

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