22 July 2009

Memoirs of a Fashion Student - Day 1

Timing was perfect. I reached the campus on time. Then, we were asked to wait at the canteen (more like a room with vending machines) until our course is called. Then we were showed to our class. It reminds me of dance studios with islands of sewing tables.

SInce its a summer course, it is an intensive 5 days course (they do offer during term time but its once a week for 2 hours - not recommended). Some of the things I have learned

-even with same size; diff age has diff shape.
-by understanding the lifestyle of a customer, you will know what her style will be and what colour she wears
- a 9.99pound dress looks different than a 2009.99 dress.
- how to be unique and be inspired
- how the mrket conditions affect fashion (its soo awesome) - his observation is so truee.
- how to work with diff types of patterns
- how to get the best look for an outfit from fabrics (how to not make u look fat!)
- the best of all ---> professional tip every step of the way

Studied all this in a day! Hectic! The class is very practical. We spent most of the day pinning and cutting. We were given calico, the first step in designing. using cheap cloth for design. (U usually see this in Project runway, where they used this fabric before designing the actual final fabric).

Owh and my fellow 'classmates' are sooo interesting. Talk about it soon.

PS: Im making a tunic dress! with pleats. bye

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