24 July 2009

Memoirs of a Fashion Student - Day 2

Today its the A to Z of sewing patterns. By taking this class, It feels that some mysteries in life have been answered! Haha. Banar!

For example, misalnya why if skirt when it is at first worn below your waist then after jalan jalan it has shifted to somewhere above your waist. Answered! Or why when seluar lunggar, you cant just trim the sides. Answered! or why sometimes baju kurung after alterations masih jua lunggar tia (arah parut labu tia.) AND!! the best of all, why bila kami pakai skirt (very relevant to pure silk baju kurung), kalau duduk, its kumuh at the side arah the crotch area (my point is every kumuh at different places will explain a misfit somewhere. SO COOL). Answered! or why is it despite an accurate measurement, say of a trousers, when you sit, sampit jua and nampak your behind. You know the simple things that you dont really know before.

We were taught how the body measurement should be applied to the patterns with regards to actual body shape. And how to alter the patterns without ruining the shape of the final garment. Trust me I need this, Cos I am petite! Banyak putung sana sini, tambah dart sana sini. Kadang kadang for me, If say my kain yg putung payung, like a princess cut too long, sudah altered, no longer kambang. U know those problems. SOLVED!

The things I learn today:

Different professional methods to transfer information accurately
How to alter a pattern to fit your body (from a 3D angle)
How to cut accurately from a pattern on to a cloth.

ofcourse, the professional way~

Today our teacher (who apparently has his own couture clientele) said if you want to do something, even if its hard, you will succeed. Impressive huh. So wise.

Ok I wont bore you. Basically, How to cut fabrics the right way! Which also includes how to prepare the different type of fabrics before cutting it.

It may sound simple, but its easier said than done! OMG. The tackinggg. The concentration I need to give, very tiring.

I love every minute of it!

I think once im back in Brunei, Im gonna practise making clothes as many times as possible and once im confident with my work, it is then, i will open offer this service. Start small, just like Armani and Levi's. Heh heh.

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