24 July 2009

Memoirs of a Fashion Student - Day 3

Today, its sewing. I dont really want to put borinng post. So I'll just share with you, the cool stuff i learn today.

Below: Our sewing room! Theres only 11 of us. So there were more than enough. The sewing machines are the heavy duty ones and you lift the foot with your knees (sewing jargons).
Picture below: My baby! In the morning, we were ask to practise with scrap materials. Haha. I couldnt control it, Lajuu bahh.
The dress form I was talking about in the previous posts. There are several in our work room. This is also where our teacher showed the curves and how to do darts and stuff.
And you can't see it from the pictures, we were taught how to press, you know for kipas on kain, seams, trousers or pleats on kain apa. Tips to get the perfect crispy line on trousers! Clue: Ironing it is not enough!

Guess what my dress is? A Coco Chanel Inspired Shift Dress! With sleeves! SO dapat pakai brunei. Inda seksayy! Haha. Today I did my front and back and pockets! of my dress.


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