24 July 2009

Memoirs of a Fashion Student - Day 4

Today, we continue doing our own project.

For me its zip, sleeves, and gathers.

I did my zip (Payahhhhhh), we were taught to do invisible zip, conventional zip, trouzers zip. Zips are nasty. My eyes were glued on the needle of the sewing machine saja, have to give 110% concentration and have to be sooooooooo slow.

Picture below: By the end of the day, I completed most of my sewing parts. Except bias tape and hemming. That I will do Tomorrow. Owh and we did couture fittings too. Well thats what i call it. You know the part where you sew everything together and see di mana yg loose and pin it, then sew it again. You know, refitting. supaya PERFECT. It reminds mcm in the movie, masa fitting bridal gowns, ada jarum here and there.
Picture Below: How cool are my pockets! Payah tu ahhh. :P Seriously, never underestimate the IQ level of your tailor. They are skilled and gifted. There are so many arithmetic and geometry required in making a garment. I was gobsmack. Especially, perpendicular, 90 degrees, 45 degrees, 1.5cm seam allowance tia, but put 2cm, 6mm tia. It is even more important when you are altering a pattern. Have to be precise if not the seam wont fit together! Anyway, about this pocket, it is so impressive (its not really ONLY me, i did it with proper instructions and supervision of our strict -my way is the best- teacher) that when i let go of my finger you dont see the pocket as if the seam is sewn together.

Picture below: After done with sewing I have to deal with my zipper. So back to the workroom. SO it will be bang in the middle and perfect. I have to pin, then jahit tangan THEN sew. But I love the end product.
Picture below: Ignore the blue chalk. hehe. salah label. Look at the shoulders, the plus sign seams! and the gathers on the sleeve! I did that! Alhamdulillah. Awal awal I was like, what the hell am I doing. Especially sleeves! my dress was all over the sewing machine! Mcm kemana kan tujunya niii?? Hahaha! Apparently, this is how a couture seam looks like. Basically, neat, flat, barely there seams.
If we did wrong, this is what he will say " ahhh, the home made look....no no no...you must do this..." or " ahhh, you can get this in the high street, but you dont want that...".

I can't wait for my dress to be done!! Well I obviously can't wear it because it is made of toile. BUT it is good practice.

PS: A freind of mine is doing a dress which is similar to marilyn monroe dress. you know the one with the wind. Was it red in colour? Lawa. And surprisingly easy. Many gatherings needed. Tomorrow is the last day! :( I'm having so much fun. Dont want it to end.

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