29 July 2009

Memoirs of a Fashion Student - Final Day

Sorry for the late post. Once I was back from london, I went straight to my literature review for my dissertation which is due this sept. Haha. One day fashion, next day finance. it felt weird. Anyhoots, I'm done with lit review, now its data collection phase! (phewwh!)
Picture Above: Nice?? look at my waist~ Well it's nothing but look how it is defined...The finished product (in a fabric called calico - for practice- which is why it is stiff and karau)! Well, I havent done the hem of the sleeves and the bottom (the dress and the sleeves will be slightly shorter).

Anyway, It follows the figure around my bust then followed with pleats (I know how to make pleats!).

WHat I did was, add pleats for movement and sleeves to a conventional shift dress. Owh and made it A-line cause i am pear shaped. Usually it has no sleeves. But, quote: it's pretty well executed! YAY! Haha. If I used thick cream coloured wool, and add black buttons, it would definitely look like a Chanel inspired dress. Kan kan kan. All i need is a quilted black and white pumps and a 2.55. Voila! HAHA. HOWEVER, If I want to be able to wear it in Brunei, Ill make it cream (crepe -thinner fabric) and inside my pleats, black! Gorgeous! SO when i move, you can see black stripes. And the fabric will make the dress stick to my body better.

Picture Above: The marilyn monroe inspired dress I was telling you. Made by my friend. So simple, he finished a few hours earlier than me! I will definitely try that (Bah, models get ready!)


On the final day, I had my final fitting after everything is adjusted, my hem for sleeves, levelling (in couture, for dresses you must level it to the ground so it looks straight, instead of following the hem of the dress. so cool. they have this special ruler, a gigantic 90degrees triangle ruler), then hem of the bottom of my sleeves.

Well, it was a less hectic day. So, while we were sewing (our hems - hand sewn), we asked a few questions to my tutor. This is what we found out:
  • He designed our course! (usually, this course was done by another tutor). SO yay! lucky us.
  • The best method of sewing is by hand because it has no tension given by a sewing machine.
  • There is only one person in United Kingdom that hand sew a suit. ONLY ONE. It takes her 3 months to finish it and cost around 25000. Our tutor estimated that it would increase to 35000 in 10 years because of its rarity.
  • Couture - in UK, from his experience (our tutor works in or have -not sure- a couture house in London); couture garments start from 500pounds to 25000 pounds.
  • It is expensive not because how it is sewn, seams etc, but due to the accurate fitting of the garment to the body.
  • He works for Liberty Dept Store (Gorgeous dept store - aku suka dalamnya. And tudungnya :P) , then he also worked in nicole farhi. Awesomee...
  • He said - he would never want to see our work on topshop. because it is predictable and boring and low quality.
  • He said - Mrs M&S (mark and spencers) are boring. colours are dull.
  • He said - couture made by ourself is better even than dior (!!!), because any readymade garments follows a pre-specified body measurement and height!
Picture Above: My pockets! and sleeves. Not bad eyy?? Haha. Thats what i meant, when the pleats start right under my bust. gorge~ I know... Arah my hip looks gigantic! Not only because my butt is big (haha!) but the calico is a thick, stiff, rough fabric. Ignore that, once i use crepe ill have a small butt. BWAHAHA! Bootaayy.

Thats about it you guys! Im back to work. SO to those of you who are interested in the fashion industry and needs introduction to professional fitting, and will be around in london around this time next year. Should definitely try it. Its by London College of Fashion and it cost around 400 pounds.

Next plan: Once I am back, other than the beadings, I am planning to experiment different designs that I have on different shape and sizes. Insya Allah. Will talk about it next time!

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