12 July 2009

Navy Blue and Gold

Maxi dress! By Leaves of Grass (1st time i heard it - interesting name). This is another dress that has used the opposite theme colour combination. Cool Hues (blue) vs Warm Hues (gold). Ok if you look at the top picture in close up, it looks too much and over the top. like whaa~? Even the bead designs looks too...simple (the spiral effect)? very random design. However it is interesting to see it as a whole dress. LAWA.
Picture below: Isn't it pretty?? Like glitters~
Lesson: Dont despair when you think your baju is not what you wanted. Trust me, when its almost raya. Some tailors rush. I understand, They just have to. They don't have enough sleep. They are our heroes at these time of the year.
Anywaaay, incase you think your baju is not what u expected or wanted. Improvise. Make an eye catching beadworks on where you want people to see. And avoid where you dont want ppl to see. NOT THE OPPOSITE. which ppl tend to do.
Say if, your baju is loose, don't emphasise it on the hip or bottom of the baju. avoid beadworks at those area. DO beadworks on the neck or sleeve. The places yg perfect. Or if the neck is not symmetric -sp? like 'biyut'. do beadworks on the waist or the bottom, or sleeve. Thats the good thing about beads and crystals, you can make any dress look so good. If done the right way.
Hope that helps.

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