09 July 2009

Suggestions for Baju Kurung

Hi Everyone

I should NOT be blogging at this time. I have a meeting with my supervisor lusa on my literature review and methodology for my dissertation. I am drowning with journals. Eventhough its not hard, u can get really stressed just by reading one journal after another. And draw mind map so everything will connect, then making sure ive been selective enough for it. Not to mention my methodology! Gawwddd why can't my dad be a multi millionaire. So i dont need to study this much. Haha. Enough said

So I found same cool stuff on tips and advice on what clothes that can slim you down on the net. There are TONNES. So do try googling it. Anyway, so some of these tips can be incorporated it to baju kurung.

So hope this helps:

For the busty: An oversize, random print acts like camoflage and makes your bust look smaller. Maybe this is usually the reason why ppl do wear baju kurung.

But please be careful, baju kurung despite its simplicity, it can seriously go wrong. Baju kurung Biasa (the loose ones, straight cut style) are not supposed to be a maternity clothing !!! (unless it is intentional). The shoulder width should be exactly the size of you shoulder! If more,the shoulder pad will be sagging to the side and u'll look like u gain 10 pounds!

And, at the hip, the width should be around 4 inches extra of your hip. SO say you're 36inch, then the width should be 40 inch MAX.

You can only do more (than 4 inch) if it was a chiffon (super duper soft fabric) so it can flow and do use a tube top or tight layers inside. I love chiffon because it can give a slimming silhouette if done correctly. For organza and lace (fabrics that are heavy but sheer ), stick to the 4 inch allowance (or space..whatever u call it).


For the Plus size: No big, floppy shapes! DO keep it simple.

TIPS: Avoid frills and big sleeves (like thos kimono style, batwings styles - I understand they are stylish but they are not forgiving to your body) The best style would be, Baju kurung fesyen (the contoured ones) and thick fabrics. Gorgeous, body hugging and simple.

Wear small prints (bunga yg damit damit), AVOID big prints <-- trust me on this, dulu i disagree but i was so wrong, somehow bunga basar2 makes you look fat. ishh.

dark colours are better, light cream is your worst enemy, unless you are tall. Atu pun, dark colours would be way better. It adds pound to the body.


Sometimes, you dont really bothered about the complexity of fabric and designs. This is a USEFUL TIP:


using 'clip tudong' at the front which is around your chest will vitually make u look skinnier. Not kidding. Especially with baju kurung fesyen. (clip tudong are similar to scarf clips that pinches the scarf together)

pinning the front end parts of your tudong to the side on your shoulder with brooch, (you know mcm ujung tudong yg kesiring mcm nasyid inspired style :P) will emphasise your waist. (I hope u guys get it. I tried sketching it, but its hopeless). So those who are concerned with your waist, AVOID THIS!


Collar is everything!!!

If you have a well defined chin, and would like to emphasise on it, SQUARE COLLAR

If you are too busty, and would like it to appear smaller, SCOOP NECK (careful to not show too much cleavage), it's hari raya a celebration after fasting. Emphasize this to your tailor. Marah nini karang~ I know mine would.

If you are not comfortable with your body. Avoid CREW NECK, BOAT NECK - the ones yg damit collarnya. And it will also make busty babes more busty (trust me, not in a good way)

V-neck is a safe bet. The larger the V, the skinnier you look. My tip would be, to make a V neck that ends inbetween you bust and belly button and use a tube inside. Its as if you have lost weight. ANd you can emphasive the collar with beautiful bead designs~.



Black is slimming and always look expensive. I think a black coloured baju kurung is as important as an LBD. If you think it is dull, add colourful manik or embroidery and use different type of fabrics. Make it work~

Keep the top of your baju and the bottom in the same colour! or the same colour scheme. Having different colour might be stylo, but not as slimming as sticking to the same colour top and bottom.

These are just tips on top of my head. There are more! and as i said ALL THE TIME, it really is up to you. If you have the mood to be bold, just break all this rules. Just be confident and be a style diva baby. Rules are meant to be broken anywayy...

OMG. Must go. Work work work.

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