13 July 2009

Well what do you know...

Chanel Haute Couture has made something very malay baju inspired.

Well, thats the first thing I thought when I saw it. But instead of using the satin as the kain, it is used for the top. and the sheer pulang bottom. Very interesting. I like the sleeve. Very unique.

I love the way it emphasise the crystals at the kain and sleeve instead of the bottom of the baju. Can u imagine if your tabur was this much. Bling blingyy. Tepijak the ones on the kain lagi tu. Haha. The fashion show took place at the Grand Palace in Paris. Among all fashion show, I love Karl Lagerfield the most! Its very simplistic yet elegant and classic. Very Chanel. Some day...

And another thing, if u ask me, i rather have the quilted ballet flats than the 2.55. Its so eeurgh. Can that bag be anymore boring. Altho, I dont mind having it just because its a must have. *shallow allert* Apologies.


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