30 August 2009

Tabur: From $35 (for bawah and tangan)

This will be on the tabur designs that I have made. Honestly this is only 5% of what I have done. I dont know where all my pictures are. Hmmm... So, apologies that there are not much choices on Tabur Pictures. I have done fancier ones too. and ada yg 1cm thin, 1 inch thick. owh well... nantitah mencari. I wish I had all the pictures with me right now.

but its ok! Here are some that I have with me right now. Enjoy~




(because it was on a silk chiffon - nightmare for tailors. And i understand why. the blue ink that u see on this picture is removable using water)

$40 - silk chiffon

$40 - double layer (but slightly thinner)

$ 35


I do offer tabur that is more close together and not as sparse as the pictures above. The price is usally twice of what you seen above (with 1 inch thickness).

However, when I received these orders of tabur, I usually have another 10 pasang of baju to do yang mau tabur too. that I have to finish in a week! so, because of that, instead of charging $70 for tabur yg rapat, I do $35 for tabur yang jarang, like seen above. It is still pretty. cos usually I add designs to it and use manik with different shape and sizes. Owh and swarovski crystals too.

PS: I prefer doing the $35 than $70 ones, cause tabur is pretty dull to sew. Mcm over and over again, it doesnt stimulate the mind. Haha. which is why i always add designs to it.

But this is really up to you. Your Money. Your Say. I just listen and do. and give ideas, if required. :)

Free Hand Designs: From $35 (for bawah and tangan)

I will be offering my beading service starting from October 2009.

Here are some of the free hand designs that I could recover from my hard drive. Enjoy! The price varies. Price will be below pictures.

(bawah and tangan)

(bawah and tangan) - super suitable for kids (if kids $25)

(bawah and tangan)

- (Design was tabur on the elbow, then some crystal-looking plastic stones on the bawah and sleeve and one layer line and a touch of swarovski )

- Starburst effect (only leher)

- elbow & bawah: tabur, designs: sleeve.

- Bawah and sleeve

- double layered, and with designs (double layered - bawah and sleeve)

- Bawah & Sleeve

- over the shoulder (from front to back). includes sprinkles of swarovski. My mums friend asked the price from a boutique for this design, they charged B$180. So my price is not bad eyy.

PS: design varies according to your wants, budget as well as the design of the baju kurung.

Quick Update: Alhamdulillah

Assalamualaikum Everyone!

How are you people?. I can't believe we are in over a week of Ramadhan.

Sorry for not updating in the last week. Needed to finish my dissertation. Its due next month tho. but i just want to enjoy the time i have left in UK before leaving for good. Anywaaayy, My almost 23 000 words dissertation has been handed for binding a few days ago! Yaaaaaaaaayy! Berhempas pulas kali ah membuat ah. haha. I have finally (unofficially) completed my MSc! Alhamdulillah.

Now I am busy packing 4 years worth of stuff for shipping, Crazeyy. Mcm ok ani masuk mana? eh atu lagi. tapi ani buang tia kali eh? . These questions over and over again. But! we r going to london next week for 9 days for last minute shopping~~~. And Insya Allah, go back home a week before raya! I cant wait! I will be in time for the hecticness of Raya di kadai, i love it. haha. (but ofcourse, dont forget to spend more time beribadat in the last 10 days of ramadan. but what am i saying, we should ber ibadat more in the entire ramadhan. no, the entire time! haha. owh well nvm. There is a reason why im not a preacher~ <-- wait is a preacher specifically for christian? am i wrong? indakan? OMG! Oh my god this is useless. This is not a personal blog.

SO my point of posting this is to say, that in the next few days there will be floods of post on manik that i have done that i will be offering from 1st october. cant wait~

Hugs. And Assalamualaikum.

19 August 2009

Orange Purple

Look at that! The colours match the colour of this blog! :D Other than the colour, it interests me how the draping is done. so pretty and so perfect. I think its also because of the fabric. mcm using jersey. u know, it is a bit elastic? But, if u use lighter fabric like chiffon, this would be ahhmayyzingg for raya baju. Jgntah bermanik! Haha. cant believe i just said that. But truuee.

This baju is made by Emanuel Ungaro. I just have a soft spot for emanuel ungaro same as zuhair murad. Their ideas are always brilliant! I remember i had a sketching last year to make a baju like this, but it didnt turn out well. Payah bah the tailor nowadays. well, not generally. specifically my tailor. He makes amazing kurung, baju fesyen AND transparent lace, But drape here and there. nope. no good.

And I like the fact that the sleeve are in different colours too. Purrtyy~

So something I want to try and make in the near future. This would be a great project!

That's All Folks!


16 August 2009

Orders starts from 1st October 2009

Hi Guys..

Busy for the next two weeks. Work is due in 15 days. aaaaaaaaa...! I just made 241 financial regressions in a day! Gaawdddd. BUT! No worries! I'll be in Brunei in 4 weeks! For good. Its a bittersweet feeling. I'm gonna miss eveything. :(.

Well, I'll start to offer my beading AFTER Raya (sorry). Around 1st of October 2009. And I will put up some pictures on the beadworks that I have done. Price, Bestsellers and everything~.

Selamat Berpuasa in advance peeps!


07 August 2009


Look at THAT!

Look at this cute silk dress by PREEN. The cutting were kept simple. But the colours are owh so pretty~. I want to do something like this once im back. It would be called PROJECT: RAINBOW! Haha Reminds me fof those figure skating costumes. Noooo, it reminds me of PADDLE POP ice cream!
I would definitely wear this. BUT TOO SEXAAY. Instead of using the nude mesh, maybe cover it with nude coloured silk. Gorgeous. with a pair of Nude Pigalle (by Xtian Louboutin). mmmmm. Yummy.

Owh guess what! Dissertation wise: Im done with my lit review and almost done with methodology. Only my analysis left! :) Yippee! 8000 words to go~


PS: Yesterday was nisfu Syaaban. Ujung bulan is puasa. Can't wait.