19 August 2009

Orange Purple

Look at that! The colours match the colour of this blog! :D Other than the colour, it interests me how the draping is done. so pretty and so perfect. I think its also because of the fabric. mcm using jersey. u know, it is a bit elastic? But, if u use lighter fabric like chiffon, this would be ahhmayyzingg for raya baju. Jgntah bermanik! Haha. cant believe i just said that. But truuee.

This baju is made by Emanuel Ungaro. I just have a soft spot for emanuel ungaro same as zuhair murad. Their ideas are always brilliant! I remember i had a sketching last year to make a baju like this, but it didnt turn out well. Payah bah the tailor nowadays. well, not generally. specifically my tailor. He makes amazing kurung, baju fesyen AND transparent lace, But drape here and there. nope. no good.

And I like the fact that the sleeve are in different colours too. Purrtyy~

So something I want to try and make in the near future. This would be a great project!

That's All Folks!


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