07 August 2009


Look at THAT!

Look at this cute silk dress by PREEN. The cutting were kept simple. But the colours are owh so pretty~. I want to do something like this once im back. It would be called PROJECT: RAINBOW! Haha Reminds me fof those figure skating costumes. Noooo, it reminds me of PADDLE POP ice cream!
I would definitely wear this. BUT TOO SEXAAY. Instead of using the nude mesh, maybe cover it with nude coloured silk. Gorgeous. with a pair of Nude Pigalle (by Xtian Louboutin). mmmmm. Yummy.

Owh guess what! Dissertation wise: Im done with my lit review and almost done with methodology. Only my analysis left! :) Yippee! 8000 words to go~


PS: Yesterday was nisfu Syaaban. Ujung bulan is puasa. Can't wait.

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