30 August 2009

Tabur: From $35 (for bawah and tangan)

This will be on the tabur designs that I have made. Honestly this is only 5% of what I have done. I dont know where all my pictures are. Hmmm... So, apologies that there are not much choices on Tabur Pictures. I have done fancier ones too. and ada yg 1cm thin, 1 inch thick. owh well... nantitah mencari. I wish I had all the pictures with me right now.

but its ok! Here are some that I have with me right now. Enjoy~




(because it was on a silk chiffon - nightmare for tailors. And i understand why. the blue ink that u see on this picture is removable using water)

$40 - silk chiffon

$40 - double layer (but slightly thinner)

$ 35


I do offer tabur that is more close together and not as sparse as the pictures above. The price is usally twice of what you seen above (with 1 inch thickness).

However, when I received these orders of tabur, I usually have another 10 pasang of baju to do yang mau tabur too. that I have to finish in a week! so, because of that, instead of charging $70 for tabur yg rapat, I do $35 for tabur yang jarang, like seen above. It is still pretty. cos usually I add designs to it and use manik with different shape and sizes. Owh and swarovski crystals too.

PS: I prefer doing the $35 than $70 ones, cause tabur is pretty dull to sew. Mcm over and over again, it doesnt stimulate the mind. Haha. which is why i always add designs to it.

But this is really up to you. Your Money. Your Say. I just listen and do. and give ideas, if required. :)

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