13 September 2009

Inspiration: High End Jewellery

When I am bored, I usually browse jewellery websites. Especially Bvlgari, Cartier, De Beers and Tiffany Co. to cuci mata. Just soooo gorgeousss.. u may never know, One day...it might be my engagement ring. BAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHHAHAA! yeah. right. Dream big girls...dream big~~~ baiktah pakai duit untuk naik haji. *buzkill*
Picture above - My favvvv: the cushion cut. i think its also known as the legacy by tifany and co. (can go up to 500 000 pounds). the yummy cushion cut. ahhh. jangantah berabis...1 carat saja. (saja!?). The price range starts from almost 9000 pounds. So thats 20ish thousand brunei dollars. BAHAHAHA! balum lagi kawin, baru bertunang sudah labih2 and broke. As my bf said, 'dapat men deposit kereta tu.' HAHAHA. damn mun kerita damit, u can even get one. i think you can even have trip around the world for honeymoon.

Anywayyy! That is not the purpose of this post. U know how some manik designs especially for the leher are sooooooooo Beautifull that it seems like you are wearing a necklace. So, it just pop out of my mind that, why dont you follow the high end jewellery designs and use it as the bead designs on your leher.

Here are some of the 'icings' that i have found. These are statement jewelleries that cost as much as a house or even a mansion, which can only be worn (and afforded) by the queen of Brunei. Im not kidding, some cost 1 million plus pounds.

So imagine wearing the 1 million sterling pounds necklace on top of your baju kurung. ok. Now, imagine that necklace is actually bead designs on the neckline of your baju kurung. Lawa jua tuuuuu.

For example for the Tiffany and Co Rantai Below, mcm use manik for the strings and sew teardrop shape by using pink manik for the crystals. so it will give the illusion that your are wearing the necklace when actually it is a perfectly arranged beads! Prettyyy. There r some more to feast the eyes. Yummyyy....

Picture Below: De Beers, This very much reminds me of what the queen would wear. Utter awesomeness.

Picture below: Very very unique. imagine this is the bead designs on your neckline. Maybe on a navy blue chiffon with silver and light blue beads. Very modern and conspicuous sp?. You can see the contrast. Andthen you end it with some dangling manik .

TIP: To give it an extra sparkle (that diamond look), use SMALL highlight beads instead of the normal size beads. and double the lines so it becomes thicker. This will give more shine to it. Time consuming, but very 'sparkly'.

Another tip: If you have done this, try to neutralise the baju by NOT doing anything to the rest of the baju. Very understated beauty.

Another Tip: On the contrary, to the bling-blingers, sprinkle some swarovski crystal around it for the extra shine.

Bye guys! Assalamualaikum

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