29 October 2009

So many things, So little time.

Just because I'm quiet doesnt mean im up to nothing.

Hi Guys! Its good to be back! Well not yet. I have an interview tomorrow morning with one of the leading audit company. *shrieks* I am nervous beyond words. Then another one in the afternoon! I had a written test a few days ago for my dream job in my dream place (nervous jua.) but glad the written test is over and got the result. =D AND another written test in 2 weeks time! The test was tiringggg. By the time im done, my brain is fried! balik tarus crash and sleep.

So yess.. I have been busy. Very busy. Its so sad that I have to cut down my designing and beads sewing time for all these. But I just have to do it. (Wouldnt it be cool if i have a tailor shop right now and just design and have ppl to sew the beads for me?) Tailor shop - one of my dreams. Jangantah brabis, start small.

OK! I beaded a few baju and made tonnes of sketches. Yo know when the idea starts pouring you just cants stop. just draw draw draw. I still have a few people that I owe sketches to. Its coming. owh and I hopefully will meet Nisaa from The AN store for some beads this saturday. I shall let you guys know.


14 October 2009

Fashion Project #2

Subject: Fashion Project #2

Date: 14th October 2009
Finished Date: Work in progress
Garment: Long Skirt
Style: Fish Tail
Fabric: satin? cotton? Stripe (from Kofom)

Coming next - wrap top!

Flower Clusters

Hello Peeps! Hows Everyone? Assalamualaikum.

Im taking a break from modifying my CV. I just spent the entire morning doing my covering letters. Hard work yaw. I just want to get a job soon. a job that i want. So far a few response. Atleast something. :)

Since being unemployed is a snoozefest, im glad I have things to sew and design! As for this blog, I have a few sketches requests (can't wait to draw!), a few baju kurung to jahit beads and a few bookings towards the end of the month. Other than that, I am busy experimenting on different style and cuttings of garments to make. So far so good. Will take picture when it is done.

As promised, here's the SUPER QUICK manik design for my baju raya that i did in 4 hours (yep, still got my mojo~ haha). Macam biasa for plain fabrics, i usually follow the designs of the skirt. Hence, the colour of the flower - blue and red and in clusters. and the cloud-like lines. The flowers are in different shapes and sizes.

(neck + bawah + sleeves)

I made the collar heavier and made it look like it is hanging from the silver lines. But for the bawah and sleeve I made it simple. Same flower. Should have add some swarovski crystals around it. That would be prettier.

(why are the colour of these pictures look weird? mcm dull...)

PS: Never ever. EVER. in a million years get shiny plain fabric (like mine here). if u have the choice. EVER!! And with a boat neck. :( . just dont. I didnt have a choice. That's what happen when you come back a few days before raya. No clue what my baju raya would look like until it is finished. But still, im grateful.

I feel my post is a bit draggy. So, ciao!

10 October 2009

Fashion Project #1

Subject: Fashion Project #1
Date: 8th October 2009
Finished Date: Work in progress
Garment: Long Skirt
Style: Mermaid

Hi Guys!

Well, this is the skirt i was talking about. Mermaid style. My definition of mermaid is it is more rounded than the flat fish tail skirt. ahhh. altho, a mermaid's tail is the same as a fish tail. errr... hmm... eurghh, ull get it when I finished it! ahhh, Mcm potong payung (princess skirt) but just from your knee downwards. get it? and atas nya tight fitting. yeah I call that mermaid.

Im trying to incorporate what I have learnt in Fashion School 3 months ago, with what I understand a good skirt should look like and what I want in the skirt. So, it is cool. I have made many alterations to the patterns. So I cannot wait for it to be finished!

So, from the picture, the kain is from John Lewis, this dept store in UK. it was 6 pounds per metre (AFTER DISCOUNT before it was 10pounds? 11 pounds?). mental. and honestly, kainnya mcm satin crepe ganya and yes, mun Brunei ada satin crepe for 3 ringgit labih per metre only!

But I was desperate for kain. at that time. I want it to be couture-like. WHich means the sewmanship? is of a high quality. I havent decided what seams im gonna use. and zips. I know i should use the hidden/concealed zip for this. But gaaawwd, I hate sewing zips! concealed tah lagi! Bular mata. and I dont have the concealed zip foot for my (mum's) sewing machine.

I cant wait for my shipping to come. All my materials for my day dress are in there!

06 October 2009

Quick Update: Sketches

Assalamualaikum Everyone!!!

Hope everything is well. Well, for me I am enjoying my freedom! It feels good to have nothing to do. Other than, job hunting.

Anyhoots... so with my free time! I am trying to make a skirt that looks like a mermaid? and baju kurung pendek with princess seams as my project on cheap kain. did you know KOFOM has tonnes of kain 4 meters for $20. suka ku. lawa lawa lagi tu. although, theres still a chance someone wearing the same kain sooner or later. kenapa kan tu? they should cut down kain with same patterns and colours! kan? But, yeah i got that kain cos if i screw it up, inda menangis. heh.

anyway, I just started altering my patterns this morning. Couture Style~ Haha. Well, atleast from what I have learn. if u can call it couture. It will take time. so I am not going to offer my service to anyone yet. I need to practice it with my friends and families. experiment on different body shapes.

To some of you who have kindly contacted me regarding designing your baju or sketches, please dont hesitate to email me. Because i think its easier if we keep in contact more frequently as there are a lot of information that i need before I start sketching. such as

-what is your fabric?
-what, when and where is the occasion (where is important cos its pretty silly to have trail at an outdoor muddy occasion)?
-night or day?
-trendy or classic?
-simple or over the top?
-whats your favourite feature (waist? neck? hips? arms? busts? --> so the design of your baju can emphasise this).
-what feature that is the least of your favourite. (lol) - so it will not be emphasise...

get it get it? SO email me at


Insya Allah I will reply as soon as possible. owh and as for now, sketches are free. Cos i need to see the demand first. woot~ woot~

PS: My phone masa ani mental~ thats why sometimes i dont reply to your text cos sometimes i just dont know where it went! heh. nada sent message lagi tu. SAMSUNG. grr.