10 October 2009

Fashion Project #1

Subject: Fashion Project #1
Date: 8th October 2009
Finished Date: Work in progress
Garment: Long Skirt
Style: Mermaid

Hi Guys!

Well, this is the skirt i was talking about. Mermaid style. My definition of mermaid is it is more rounded than the flat fish tail skirt. ahhh. altho, a mermaid's tail is the same as a fish tail. errr... hmm... eurghh, ull get it when I finished it! ahhh, Mcm potong payung (princess skirt) but just from your knee downwards. get it? and atas nya tight fitting. yeah I call that mermaid.

Im trying to incorporate what I have learnt in Fashion School 3 months ago, with what I understand a good skirt should look like and what I want in the skirt. So, it is cool. I have made many alterations to the patterns. So I cannot wait for it to be finished!

So, from the picture, the kain is from John Lewis, this dept store in UK. it was 6 pounds per metre (AFTER DISCOUNT before it was 10pounds? 11 pounds?). mental. and honestly, kainnya mcm satin crepe ganya and yes, mun Brunei ada satin crepe for 3 ringgit labih per metre only!

But I was desperate for kain. at that time. I want it to be couture-like. WHich means the sewmanship? is of a high quality. I havent decided what seams im gonna use. and zips. I know i should use the hidden/concealed zip for this. But gaaawwd, I hate sewing zips! concealed tah lagi! Bular mata. and I dont have the concealed zip foot for my (mum's) sewing machine.

I cant wait for my shipping to come. All my materials for my day dress are in there!

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