14 October 2009

Flower Clusters

Hello Peeps! Hows Everyone? Assalamualaikum.

Im taking a break from modifying my CV. I just spent the entire morning doing my covering letters. Hard work yaw. I just want to get a job soon. a job that i want. So far a few response. Atleast something. :)

Since being unemployed is a snoozefest, im glad I have things to sew and design! As for this blog, I have a few sketches requests (can't wait to draw!), a few baju kurung to jahit beads and a few bookings towards the end of the month. Other than that, I am busy experimenting on different style and cuttings of garments to make. So far so good. Will take picture when it is done.

As promised, here's the SUPER QUICK manik design for my baju raya that i did in 4 hours (yep, still got my mojo~ haha). Macam biasa for plain fabrics, i usually follow the designs of the skirt. Hence, the colour of the flower - blue and red and in clusters. and the cloud-like lines. The flowers are in different shapes and sizes.

(neck + bawah + sleeves)

I made the collar heavier and made it look like it is hanging from the silver lines. But for the bawah and sleeve I made it simple. Same flower. Should have add some swarovski crystals around it. That would be prettier.

(why are the colour of these pictures look weird? mcm dull...)

PS: Never ever. EVER. in a million years get shiny plain fabric (like mine here). if u have the choice. EVER!! And with a boat neck. :( . just dont. I didnt have a choice. That's what happen when you come back a few days before raya. No clue what my baju raya would look like until it is finished. But still, im grateful.

I feel my post is a bit draggy. So, ciao!

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