29 October 2009

So many things, So little time.

Just because I'm quiet doesnt mean im up to nothing.

Hi Guys! Its good to be back! Well not yet. I have an interview tomorrow morning with one of the leading audit company. *shrieks* I am nervous beyond words. Then another one in the afternoon! I had a written test a few days ago for my dream job in my dream place (nervous jua.) but glad the written test is over and got the result. =D AND another written test in 2 weeks time! The test was tiringggg. By the time im done, my brain is fried! balik tarus crash and sleep.

So yess.. I have been busy. Very busy. Its so sad that I have to cut down my designing and beads sewing time for all these. But I just have to do it. (Wouldnt it be cool if i have a tailor shop right now and just design and have ppl to sew the beads for me?) Tailor shop - one of my dreams. Jangantah brabis, start small.

OK! I beaded a few baju and made tonnes of sketches. Yo know when the idea starts pouring you just cants stop. just draw draw draw. I still have a few people that I owe sketches to. Its coming. owh and I hopefully will meet Nisaa from The AN store for some beads this saturday. I shall let you guys know.


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