30 November 2009

what u see during Pay day

For the very first time since I remembered, I was around Gadong during lunch time at this time of the month. which is a big NO NO for me usually, because there are no parking! overcrowded! And the weather was very mendung but really hot. EURGHHH! I know its not good to complain! so on another note~I enjoyed it too...Want to know why??

Ramai ppl form work lunch at the same place! And its so FUN to look at their baju kurung. There's the one with cuff (quite common now), gathers arah the sleeve tia, ada tali tia, ada smock around the waist tia. So pretttyy. I was staring at it. Haha. I am impressed with what people wear for work. some are stylish yet simple! some are over the top but on plain baju kurung.

COMING UP: I have 3 baju-s to bead. And one of it, is a big project which uses 3D flowers and swarovski crystal!

27 November 2009

Quick Update: The last 7 days

Assalamualaikum Everybody!
How are you guys? Hope you are doing fine. So here are some of the designs that I did in the last 7 days. Enjoy!

$25 only
Bawah and Sleeves

$20 only
Tabur (0.5cm)
Bawah and Sleeves

*attention fellow beaders: It's best to use bead colour that is contrasting to the background - so the colour will 'pop out', as the tabur is quite thin. and use labuci to give the effortless shine*


$35 only
Bawah and Sleeves


$20 only
Bawah and Sleeves

For further information for beadwork/designs on your baju kurung, price quote, please dont hesitate to text me at

+673 8680605 (Rai)

23 November 2009


What happen when you mix Gossip Girl and Lady Gaga?

ULTIMATE AWESOMENESSSS!!! The last few episodes before this, GG have been a bit blah. But this episode, well, good job.

xoxo U know u love me.

21 November 2009

Career at Tiffany's

What happens when a girl is unemployed and bored?
she ends up on the Career page of Tiffany's & Co.! Yes, I am actually considering it! well, i was curious. I mean wouldn't it be cool to work somewhere u like. somewhere u want to be, yet your qualification is still useful. I mean i dont have a degree in Jewellery Designs or Diamonds (haha itll be cool if there is such thing as Phd in Diamonds), but im sure there is a finance department to control the millions from their revenues...

So according to Tiffany UK... they currently need senior analysts for international merchandising! Uuuuu~ while Tiffany US needs Lead Analysts - distributed systems, store manager (hah!), operation assistant! wow. who knew. That sure is awesome! Time to dream. Besides, (Eggshell) Blue is the colour of dreams~

Hugs Rai

Just because...

Hi you guys,

Sorry for going MIA for a while. It does not give any reason for me to not blog. Its not that I have nothing to blog, in fact its the opposite! I have so many things to say that I dont even have anytime to start, sit down and type! Fashion forever!!! Haha. *out*

November has always been an important month for me. A lot of birthday of my loved ones and close friends and ofcourse favourite designers...

Emilio Pucci was born yesterday! in 1914. Did you know? Unlike most designers, he come to fashion in a different way. He was an eligible bachelor, u know, straight (:P), of an aristocrat descendent sp?, a PhD in Social Science! And an athlete! competed in the 1934 Winter Olympics! awesome right??? I know, Jackpot for girls! hahahaha! He was known as the 'style conscious Romeo' , 'The Italian Stallion'. *swoon*

Anyway, what happen was, he insisted to design for the olympics costumes. i knowww... and after the olympics, one of his gf, or was it his gf at that time~ was wearing his jacket! and their picture ended up on a magazine! I think it was Harper's Bazaar. And lets just say, that jacket, was the beginning of his fashion empire as womens start requesting that jacket! I cant find that picture online yet. But if I find it ill post it. So anyway, apparent pucci was the first person to work in his family after over a thousand year! *ka-ching*
Coool huh?? from olympics to now! Picture above: is a vintage pucci. gorgeous. the abstracts and colour. Now pucci is run by his daughter. with most recent designer, Matthew Williamson as the design director. Pucci died in 1992.

Hugs. Rai.

05 November 2009


Collar only

Collar + Sleeve (simple)

Tabur (w/ design)

Inspired from Nona Magazine (as requested by customer)
Bawah and Sleeves

PS: I love how the tabur softens the harsh lines of the abstract.

Simple and Slanted

Sleeves and Bawah

$ 45 - Designs for Bawah (front only) & Tangan

Assalamualaikum Everybody~

Customer wants it to be fancy. I love fancy designs. Especially on plain fabrics! The design choices are endless! And she also wanted labuci for flowers. And she also requested for the design to be according to the colour of the kain (dark grey) no colourful, so I used silver, white, and grey with a hint of blue. And ofcourse, a sprinkle of Swarovski Crystal as the finishing touches.

I have no clue how to watermark my photos! Need help.