21 November 2009

Career at Tiffany's

What happens when a girl is unemployed and bored?
she ends up on the Career page of Tiffany's & Co.! Yes, I am actually considering it! well, i was curious. I mean wouldn't it be cool to work somewhere u like. somewhere u want to be, yet your qualification is still useful. I mean i dont have a degree in Jewellery Designs or Diamonds (haha itll be cool if there is such thing as Phd in Diamonds), but im sure there is a finance department to control the millions from their revenues...

So according to Tiffany UK... they currently need senior analysts for international merchandising! Uuuuu~ while Tiffany US needs Lead Analysts - distributed systems, store manager (hah!), operation assistant! wow. who knew. That sure is awesome! Time to dream. Besides, (Eggshell) Blue is the colour of dreams~

Hugs Rai

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