21 November 2009

Just because...

Hi you guys,

Sorry for going MIA for a while. It does not give any reason for me to not blog. Its not that I have nothing to blog, in fact its the opposite! I have so many things to say that I dont even have anytime to start, sit down and type! Fashion forever!!! Haha. *out*

November has always been an important month for me. A lot of birthday of my loved ones and close friends and ofcourse favourite designers...

Emilio Pucci was born yesterday! in 1914. Did you know? Unlike most designers, he come to fashion in a different way. He was an eligible bachelor, u know, straight (:P), of an aristocrat descendent sp?, a PhD in Social Science! And an athlete! competed in the 1934 Winter Olympics! awesome right??? I know, Jackpot for girls! hahahaha! He was known as the 'style conscious Romeo' , 'The Italian Stallion'. *swoon*

Anyway, what happen was, he insisted to design for the olympics costumes. i knowww... and after the olympics, one of his gf, or was it his gf at that time~ was wearing his jacket! and their picture ended up on a magazine! I think it was Harper's Bazaar. And lets just say, that jacket, was the beginning of his fashion empire as womens start requesting that jacket! I cant find that picture online yet. But if I find it ill post it. So anyway, apparent pucci was the first person to work in his family after over a thousand year! *ka-ching*
Coool huh?? from olympics to now! Picture above: is a vintage pucci. gorgeous. the abstracts and colour. Now pucci is run by his daughter. with most recent designer, Matthew Williamson as the design director. Pucci died in 1992.

Hugs. Rai.

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