27 November 2009

Quick Update: The last 7 days

Assalamualaikum Everybody!
How are you guys? Hope you are doing fine. So here are some of the designs that I did in the last 7 days. Enjoy!

$25 only
Bawah and Sleeves

$20 only
Tabur (0.5cm)
Bawah and Sleeves

*attention fellow beaders: It's best to use bead colour that is contrasting to the background - so the colour will 'pop out', as the tabur is quite thin. and use labuci to give the effortless shine*


$35 only
Bawah and Sleeves


$20 only
Bawah and Sleeves

For further information for beadwork/designs on your baju kurung, price quote, please dont hesitate to text me at

+673 8680605 (Rai)

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