28 December 2009

I love LOVE Shabby Chic!

No I am not starting a whole new hobby. But, I did a lil bit of scrapping today...

A very very close and long term friend of mine is getting engaged this FRIDAY! heee COOONGRATULATIONS RINA!!! aku pulang excited. Anyway, she asked me for some help to decorate her folder that will be used on that day.

So, for the very first time I bought something from Shabby Chic. Pretty coool~

I usually just go in and only browse since i dont really have a reason to buy. Now, I have a reason to buy!!! ANyway, I splurged (on stickers) for the very first time. Splurge...because well usually if I want stickers it would just cost $1 each. haha di mubarak :P.

AAAAAnyway, I bought pearls and crystals stickers! the bling bling ones! and a grey scrap paper. During lunch, on a monday, masa bonus urang keluar (surprisingly inda that overcrowded...hmm), during my bf's lunch break. so yeahhh...time constraint, pusing pusing the shop, kiyal kiyal mencari~ cos i had an idea, but i didnt exactly know how it will look like. Haha.

But im surprised they had what I wanted... SO this is what I got.

After spending the afternoon, with scissors, cutter, printer... and Glee! (2nd round), here it IS!

21 December 2009


to be continued... need rest.

Kirana Creations v.2

Assalamualaikum You Guys...atlast I am a little bit free.

Anyway, do u guys remember a few posts that I have made sometime in June this year??, on a designer called Sharifah Kirana. The designer which I have received an email from (baca saja post ku dulu, faham kamu tu...I was over the moon), the same designer that made Linda Jasmine's Nikah Dress and the beading class for RM $200 that she offered! (see here and here) owh and and P.S: If you look at Sharifah Kirana's blog, Rai Ranie Designs is in her Blog List!

Anywayyy...during the long weekend holiday, what do you know~~ An article all about Sharifah Kirana was featured in the recent Weekend Borneo Bulletin, dated 19 December 2009. One of Brunei's English Newspaper! Its a good read!


15 December 2009

!!! FABULOUS !!!

Assalamualaikum Everyone!

Alhamdulillah! I am happy to inform you that I have been given the opportunity to bead a very beautiful solemnisation dress. It has been my dream to do this. Thank You Sur for making this happen. I shall not let you down! i will make sure you will have a fabulous FABULOUS baju nikah. I SWEAR!!!
Ok, before anything, I do not know how to take pictures! The photos I took doesnt do any justice to the dress. Anyway, it's a long dress (which was from my sketches! *excited*), its a mixture of satin, french lace and beautiful patching. Pretty.

Anyway, what I will be doing is highlighting these patchings. Since nikah baju is usually really really white, you cant really see the designs on the dress. (which is the main concern of my customer) So, what I am trying to do is to highlight the patchings and sprinkle a few hundreds of real swarovski crystals in rainbow and white. Unlike the typical highlight on baju kurung, this will be hard because, it has to be a white theme (customers requests), stick to white, pearls, silver, dark greys. so I want it to be a white theme yet have the impact of a colourful beads design! IT WILL BE FABULOUS!

Will let you guys know after it is done! For the beading of Baju Nikah, it will come in packages with fixed price which I will inform you soon in another post. soon.

Alhamdulillah I have come to this stage. :D Atlast.

Flower Garden! Embroidery

This one is for the mummy. Equally heavy.

Bawah + Sleeves (both with layers)

Manik on Enbroidery!

Assalamualaikum people!

Sorry for the lack of updates. It is because I had a few heavy orders. Anyway, I was in a hurry, I just used my normal camera. Thus, it drained out all the colours! :(

I am surprised how long it took to bead this baju. (hint: lama!). 4 loong daysss. But the outcome is gorgeous!! I love how the shape of the sequins shaped the small flowers.

The Neck

Bawah (2 layers)
Sleeve (also quite heavy)

For the Collar, Sleeve + Layer and Bawah Layer - $50 (Atfirst, I thought it should be $40 but the amount of manik and time to complete it.)

10 December 2009

'Beading' Inside the Line

Next project!
I have to move fast cos there are quite a lot of orders coming in.

This particular customer is smart! And I would like to share it with you. I was asked to colour (w/beads :P) inside the line for this order. Something that I have only done a few times. I find this very exciting. haha. Unlike beading the usual embroideries (which is a pain to bead! because of the thick threads), this is a good tip for ppl who like embroideries with manik. Because, you dont actually have to 'fill in-the flowers or leaf-' with threads. In the end, it will be covered by the beads.

see how she left the bunga, 'grey vines' and leaf empty. smart huh?

since the bawah and sleeves of this baju mau simple line too (double layer), it will be $40 for everything.

This customer has given me a sample for me to follow, and from what i have observed, it uses a lot of labuci. no beads. just sequins. so i had more reasons to go to kadai manik! I knew what i wanted but i still took my time buying it! LOVE LOVE IT! so this is what i got for the baju. sequins for each colour of the flower and leaf-shaped sequins for the leaf! cute kan.

let see what I can do with it.

and I just bought the smallest packet available, because you dont really need that much (if its only for the flowers and leaves.)

can't wait for it to be done!

09 December 2009

A Lil' sumthin' sumthin'

Teaser on the project that I am doing now. I'm off to the stairmaster now! need to burn these fats.

Align Centre


Simply Sophisticated

Assalamualaikum Guys.

I am especially excited for this coming project. Pasal I got hold of the 3D ribbon flowers, bright coloured beads and crystal beads! It is sooo shiny! BERKILAT!

Im planning to do the neck and sleeves but slightly simple since the beads are OTT sudah. Cos if too much mcm baju gaun kanak kanak karang. haha!

P.S: I got the flowers at the kadai manik shop beside kadai 'komunis'. 12pcs $4! i think now turun harga sudah to $3. not sure.

Flower Power 2

Here is the finish product!

It cost $40 ($30 for the flowers - waist and sleeves- and $10 straight and simple line for sleeves and bawah). Enjoy the pictures...

This is $10

For the waist and sleeves - $30


For more information, please do text me at 8680605. Thank You!

03 December 2009

Flower Power

Assalamualaikum Everybody!

Ok, I dont usually upload my work before it is completely done. BUT this is an exceptional because #1 - I found a good camera that doesnt flush all the colour out and #2 - just loook at that beauty! I like how the flower turns out on the kain and how everything works together (with the different types of labuci 'sequins' and pearls) . I had an idea before i start the design, but it turns out better that i imagine! BETTER! even my mum was like, u did this? HAH!

I love how the colour is still in the same shade as the kain. the manik is not too bright. and the sprinkles of pearls was the right finishing touches.
I need to finish the sleeves first. Will post again soon.

Luv Rai.