10 December 2009

'Beading' Inside the Line

Next project!
I have to move fast cos there are quite a lot of orders coming in.

This particular customer is smart! And I would like to share it with you. I was asked to colour (w/beads :P) inside the line for this order. Something that I have only done a few times. I find this very exciting. haha. Unlike beading the usual embroideries (which is a pain to bead! because of the thick threads), this is a good tip for ppl who like embroideries with manik. Because, you dont actually have to 'fill in-the flowers or leaf-' with threads. In the end, it will be covered by the beads.

see how she left the bunga, 'grey vines' and leaf empty. smart huh?

since the bawah and sleeves of this baju mau simple line too (double layer), it will be $40 for everything.

This customer has given me a sample for me to follow, and from what i have observed, it uses a lot of labuci. no beads. just sequins. so i had more reasons to go to kadai manik! I knew what i wanted but i still took my time buying it! LOVE LOVE IT! so this is what i got for the baju. sequins for each colour of the flower and leaf-shaped sequins for the leaf! cute kan.

let see what I can do with it.

and I just bought the smallest packet available, because you dont really need that much (if its only for the flowers and leaves.)

can't wait for it to be done!

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