03 December 2009

Flower Power

Assalamualaikum Everybody!

Ok, I dont usually upload my work before it is completely done. BUT this is an exceptional because #1 - I found a good camera that doesnt flush all the colour out and #2 - just loook at that beauty! I like how the flower turns out on the kain and how everything works together (with the different types of labuci 'sequins' and pearls) . I had an idea before i start the design, but it turns out better that i imagine! BETTER! even my mum was like, u did this? HAH!

I love how the colour is still in the same shade as the kain. the manik is not too bright. and the sprinkles of pearls was the right finishing touches.
I need to finish the sleeves first. Will post again soon.

Luv Rai.

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